Reuse your 3D Models!

February 9, 2023
It's easy to forget about things you've made, but the great thing about 3D models is that it's so versatile! You could create endless projects by reusing models from your previous projects.
The First Project

One of my favorite things about working in Cinema 4D (with 3D in general :-) ) is the ability to easily create something new out of the models you’ve designed for other projects. Making tweaks to the proportion, color, lighting, and camera angle is insane!!

I’m going to walk through a few of the projects I’ve previously shared to demonstrate the different vibes with the same models.

I created this island, the project name was “Happy Hills”, which featured some existing elements from other projects - the rainbow, the clouds, flowers, sun, and leaf details. All I made that was “new” were the hills, the waterfall, trees, and the pig character.

What else can I make?

My list of animation ideas never end. So with the “larger” scene created, I started to pick elements from the model to create some smaller animations.

For  “Pigs in Da Clouds”, I used the rainbow, clouds, and pigs to create a super simple animation of some pigs floating in some clouds. I don’t want to say it was “easy” to make, but since the models were already created from another project, all I had to focus on was the animation, lighting, and colors (which is honestly the best part lol).

For “Pig Abduction” I used the UFO pigs to create a more dramatic scene & animation. I had some fun playing with the camera settings to give the illusion of a larger scene. This is also one of my first “darker” scenes, so that was fun to create as well.